Trash goes digital

Imagine the societal benefits of utilizing our waste bins and dumpsters better by only emptying full containers! That is exactly what Sensorita aims to do. Using Sensorita in operations will help customers cut costs and CO2 emissions associated with ineffective waste collection.

Sensorita’s mission is to make our cities greener by providing cutting-edge analytics. Insight into consumer behavior and waste trends enables more efficient waste management through better planning, logistics and waste collection.

Sensorita develops sensor systems for the waste management sector, for businesses and municipalities. By implementing sensors in waste rooms and in dumpsters, Sensorita will collect and analyze data in order to streamline the existing waste collection systems.

Our solution

Sensorita's sensor system measures waste fill-levels of waste containers and predicts when the waste is due for collection.

The sensor system can be adapted for waste rooms, where it is permanently installed in the ceiling. The unique sensor system scans through the lid of the waste bin, and makes sure the sensors are securely protected even in use cases where the containers are transported to the waste central.

Sensorita is also developing a sensor for large waste containers used at construction sites. The sensor is designed to endure extreme environment and can measure the correct fill-level even in dumpsters without a lid.

Cutting edge technology

Sensorita's radar based sensor use machine learning to measure waste fill-levels in dumpsters and large waste containers. We use state-of-the-art technology and Artificial Intelligence to predict when the waste are due for collection.

Who will benefit from Sensorita's sensor system?

Waste Companies

  • Optimize collection routes

  • Better container management

  • Competitive advantage

Construction Contractors

  • Atomize manual tasks

  • Save time and money

  • Problem free management

Real Estate Managers

  • Save time and money

  • Utilize capacity better

  • Automize manual tasks


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